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Chabely & Jon

Thursday, February 27th, 2014

Lowndes Grove radiated against the blush and white décor of Chabely and Jon’s October wedding. Creating a romantic atmosphere for bride Chabely was done through the use of blush linens emphasized with golden accents. Guests sat under the tent at one of two, long dinner tables creating an overall intimate feel. As a personal touch, Chabely and John placed gift boxes of scones and jam at every seat, welcoming their close family and friends. Sequin overlays, used on the cake and cocktail tables, sparkled against the setting sun while the white, vintage lounge furniture added to the glowing atmosphere.

Chabeley and Jon

Chabeley and Jon

Chabeley and Jon

Chabeley and Jon

Chabeley and Jon

 Chabeley and Jon

Chabeley and Jon

Chabeley and Jon

Chabeley and Jon

Chabeley and Jon

Chabeley and Jon

Chabeley and Jon

Chabeley and Jon

Chabeley and Jon

Chabeley and Jon

Chabeley and Jon

Chabeley and Jon

A special thanks to our vendors…

Photographer- Marni Rothschild

Printing- Studio R

Rentals- Snyder Event Rentals

Lighting- Technical Event Company

Floral- SYG Designs

Catering- Fish


It’s All In The Details…

Tuesday, January 31st, 2012

More to come from Casey & Sean’s Lowndes Grove wedding next week but we had to share this adorable picture…

Allison & Ben on The Wedding Row

Wednesday, November 23rd, 2011

We can’t get enough Allison (of Studio R) & Ben’s super funky wedding at the always amazing Lowndes GroveThe Wedding Row has a three part feature of their wedding chocked full of eclectic & personal touches that made their wedding weekend a true reflection of their personal style.  Juliet Elizabeth captured Allison & Ben’s personalities in her amazing pictures; here’s a few of our favorites…

Rehearsal Dinner




Head on over to The Wedding Row to see more from Allison & Ben’s rehearsal dinner, wedding, & day after photo shoot!





Allison on Vera Wang’s Blog!

Monday, June 20th, 2011

If EVER a bride was to be featured on on of the world’s most prestigious designer’s personal blog, it would absolutely be the stunning Allison Hill Johnston. Allison is absolutely the hippest little chica we know and we cannot say how much we loved working with her on her wedding. Lucky for us she is a graphic designer with Studio R Designs and so we get to keep working with her on OTHER bride’s weddings. Yay for us!

Vera Wang just featured Allison and Ben’s wedding on her blog Vera Unveiled and also published this charming interview that I thought you all might enjoy, too…

Be sure to check out the blog for the slideshow!

Bride: Allison Hill Johnston
Groom: Benjamin Lofton Johnston
Wedding gown style: Vera Wang Diana Gown
Boutique purchased: Maddison Row, Charleston, South Carolina
Wedding date: November 13, 2010
Location: Lowndes Grove Plantation, Charleston, South Carolina
Photographer: Juliet Elizabeth

Did you have a certain style in mind when you started your search for a dress?
Not particularly, however I love high-fashion and I tend to gravitate towards forward statement pieces that catch your eye and are a catalyst for conversation.

What made you decide on your Vera Wang gown?
The Diana was magnificent! Not only did it exude high-fashion, but the way it made me feel when I first put it on was indescribable. It truly was my perfect dress!

Did you bring anyone along dress shopping? If so, did their opinions influence your final decision?
Yes! I brought my mom, one of my maid of honors, a bridesmaid and my wedding planner. I was reassured by their positive feedback, but honestly it was one decision I was quite confident in.

How did you accessorize to make your wedding day outfit unique?
Accessorizing my dress was one of my favorite parts of the planning process. I immediately enlisted long time friend Kristin Morris to create custom one-of-a-kind jewelry for my special day. The necklace (from the photos) speaks for itself featuring vintage pieces and heavy chain. Matching earrings were designed to compliment the necklace. A vintage Oleg Cassini fur stole given to me by another dear friend and the finishing touch… blue suede Louboutin’s!

What was the inspiration or theme for your wedding?
Vintage-Modern style and a love of all things personal.

Did your gown style relate to any other design elements of the wedding?
Yes! The table linens were one of my favorites! They were almost identical to the swirling frothy draped skirts!

What was your favorite part of the day?
Aside from marrying my husband in front of our closest friends and family, I have said many times, my moment in my white dress. It was finally my time to shine, and thanks to Vera Wang and The Diana, I truly did. The ever-lasting smile on my face that day, is the reflection of one very happy girl.

What tips do you have for new brides picking out their wedding dress?
Be yourself! Don’t feel as though you are bound by tradition; select something that is uniquely you, that makes you feel special, and that is the centerpiece of conversations for years to come. I love it when I am recapturing the events of that magical evening and someone says, oh… and that dress! Oh, that dress! It was magnificent.

Are there any other anecdotes you would like to share?
Thank you for making our day so special!

My Best Friend’s Wedding

Thursday, April 28th, 2011

Tax Day 2011 (AKA, April 15th) marked the wedding day of one of my best friends in the world. Actually, two of my best friends… Ed and Claire both! Thankfully it in no way was similar to the movie; rather, it was filled with LOTS of happy family, great food, tasty drinks, charming details and, overall, enveloped in a mood of celebration.

Their wedding was at the always-dreamy Lowndes Grove Plantation and another dear friend, Josh Drake, took the photos for the evening.

I’m not sure if it’s just because I love her so much, but Claire JUST may have been one of the most beautiful brides who has ever walked down an aisle…

(gorgeous flowers by SYG Designs)

The ceremony rocked (that’s me, matron of honor second away from the bride in a gorgeous Carol Hannah dress!)

The reception was absolutely stunning, too…

No, I don’t think these two were having ANY fun…

And I think this photo pretty much sums up JUST HOW pumped Ed was to marry this beautiful lady:

Congrats, Dr. and Mrs. O’Bryan! I love you both with all my heart!

Allison and Ben in Weddings Unveiled!

Monday, April 4th, 2011

Yay, yay, yay!

Our wonderful clients and personal friends Ben and Allison recently had their wedding published in the spring issue of Weddings Unveiled and we could not be more thrilled to share their “I do” details with the world. There were so many personal touches and charming details to inspire. Make sure to read the article, too… their engagement story is hands down one of the sweetest we’ve heard. I think they are both equally great catches for one another!

Enjoy the article and take a look here!

Allison and Ben, we love y’all!

Allison and Ben: Photography: Juliet Elizabeth Photography. Wedding Consultant, Party Rentals and Linens: Ellen Robinson with WED. Ceremony Location and Reception Venue: Lowndes Grove Plantation. Florist: Sarah York Grimshaw. Baker: Wedding Cakes by Jim Smeal. Catering: Fish. Invitations, Stationery and Wedding Papers: Studio R. Ceremony Music: Dwight Huthwaite and Jessica Smith. Reception Entertainment: Atlanta Rhythm and Groove. Bridal Gown: Vera Wang purchased at Maddison Row. Bridesmaid Dresses: Carol Hannah. Groom and Groomsmen Attire: Brooks Brothers. Transportation: Charleston Black Cab.

Brooke and Victor in Southern Weddings Magazine

Tuesday, March 1st, 2011

Hello again, blog world! I am so happy to post that another one of our favorite print and online publications, Southern Weddings Magazine, has posted photos of an uber-hip wedding from last year… Brooke and Victor’s Lowndes Grove soiree.

What we loved about this NY girl and southern guy’s wedding was that the look was simple and yet unexpected. We’ve seen blue a hundred times, but how about pops of electric blue contrasted with crisp, southern whites? Tres chic.

Make sure to check out part one and part two of their post and enjoy the photos of a fabulous couple and their beautiful wedding:

Joy and Chris

Thursday, February 24th, 2011

February 5… I remember waking up on this day and thinking, “OH, no!” The weather was just not ideal. Cold, rainy, windy… weather that could have thrown off any normal person whose wedding day it was.

But not Joy. Her name is the perfect nomer for this bride because she was always so blissfully joyful to be around! And she is living proof that any kind of bad weather does NOT have to ruin your wedding day. She trekked through the rain and the sun even decided to come out just in time for her ceremony, leading into a beautiful evening at Lowndes Grove where all of the guests were laughing all night long despite the dreary day.

Dana Goodson captured the day perfectly… make sure to check out her blog as well!

Vendor Interview: Photographer Melanie Nashan

Monday, January 31st, 2011

As wedding planners one of our chief concerns is setting up our clients with top-notch, kind, experienced, professional vendors for their wedding. We rely on our photographers, lighting techs, florists, etc. to help us create a weekend that will be nothing short of spectacular. We’d be lying if we said that much of the success belongs to each of them and the expertise they bring to the table day in and day out.

I thought it would be a welcomed break from my rambling to view a wedding from a photographer’s point of view… seeing the photos she chose to share and hearing a bit more of her insight on the big day. Melanie hails from Livingston, Montana (I know, I know… I’m a little jealous, too) and flies all over the world to shoot weddings, travel and editorials. We are so thankful that she came in to document Amanda and Jeff’s wedding…

Hannah Alexander: You are from Montana. The bride and groom from NYC. The wedding in Charleston. How does shooting a destination wedding affect your photography?

Melanie Nashan: When I shoot destination weddings there is an unfamiliarity that I think adds to the excitement that I capture in weddings.  Although I speak to my clients on the phone, I often don’t meet them until their wedding day or rehearsal dinner.  The newness of the experience makes me see things freshly.  I try my best never to approach weddings with a preconceived notion or plan.  By doing so I am able to capture things very spontaneously, which is one of the things that I love about wedding photography.

(bride and groom in a reflection from a mirrored table)

HA: What is your favorite part about shooting in South Carolina?

MN: South Carolina is one of my favorite places on earth.  The history, hospitality, food and personality of the people who live in the area is so different than any place I have been.  I love shooting in South Carolina and incorporating the aspects that are truly indicative of the low country. By including architectural elements, environmental details of the water or the fauna in the photographs hopefully people can see why it is such a special place.

HA: This was basically an all white wedding. Does something so neutral make your job easier or more difficult in capturing the details?

MN: It was one of a few monochromatic weddings that I have photographed.  From a technical point of view it can be a bit difficult to shoot an all white wedding but from and aesthetic perspective I think it is amazingly beautiful.  Your exposures have to be right on when shooting details of an all white wedding.  It has an ethereal feel that is so beautiful, festive and elegant.

HA: The wedding was also outside on a very blustery evening. How do you work through weather conditions in photography? Any tips and tricks for the average guest trying to get their own photos at an outdoor wedding?

MN: It was a VERY blustery day and I think it is very important to work as quickly as possible in those situations.  When I photograph people in uncomfortable weather I try and redirect their attention on each other than on the weather.  Asking a couple to kiss or walk alongside the river makes them enjoy each other or the beautiful surroundings, rather than the uncomfortable elements.   If you are a guest and shooting some photos here are some tips that should help make your photographs a bit more beautiful:

1.  Shoot with the sun behind you.

2.  When possible try to photograph people in open shade.  They won’t be squinting and there aren’t any harsh shadows.

3.  Try and capture candid moments when people don’t know they are being photographed.

4.  When composing your photograph ask yourself if everything you have included adds something to the photograph.  If not get rid of it.  Walk in closer or change the angle of your photograph until you have a photograph that only includes things that are beautiful or that add interest to your image.

(can’t even tell the wind was blowing!)

HA: Do you use and special lenses/apertures/etc in shooting an outdoor wedding with lots of sun?

MN:I sometimes will use a hood on my lens to remove some of the glare and lens flare that happens on really sunny days.  It gives a richer color to the images.  I don’t use any particular lenses when shooting in lots of sun.  It does change the ISO that I use which allows me to use whichever aperture I prefer.

HA: The bride and groom were gorgeous, huh? Easy subjects! She told us how relaxed you made her feel… How do you make a bride/groom/families/wedding parties look and feel relaxed in photographs?

MN: Amanda and Jeff are beautiful people and were so easy to work with. Their wedding party was also gorgeous, and everyone was so happy so that makes my job easy.  When working I try and be myself and blend in with the group as mush as possible.  Over the years I have gained a lot of experience at weddings and find that being relaxed and trying to diffuse any stress makes people feel at ease.  When I am shooting I try not to interfere or orchestrate what is going on.  I find that after a few minutes people ignore my presence and that makes me able to capture more candid photographs.  The only time I orchestrate the composition of my images is during the posed photographs.  I try my best to get the family photographs done quickly and comfortably and then have more fun with the wedding party and couple.

HA: There were lots of personal touches with this wedding. What were your favorite to photograph and what advice would you give brides who want to include little, inexpensive touches that will really enhance the look of their wedding in photographs?

MN: Some of my favorite things to photograph include the monochromatic table settings, including the variety of frames used for table numbers, the outside living room, her fabby shoes, the honey jars and labels, the great cakes the reaction of people watching the video that Jeff’s brother made, and the environment that they chose to get married in.   I think details personalize weddings.  They really give a feel of who the couple is and what they enjoy.  Think about what you want to share with your friends and family and then collaborate with your wedding planner to find something unique and interesting.  They will help you present it in a beautiful way that will help me photograph it for you to remember it.

HA: We loved having you here to capture this wedding? Any favorite shots that we are posting here today?

MN: Thank you.  I always LOVE working with you ladies!  You create such beautiful environments, and gorgeous details that reflect the style and personality of your clients.  Some of my favorite photos of Amanda and Jeff include their portraits reflected in the glass table, the wedding party photos in the outdoor living room that I LOVE, the photos of Jeff walking by the river, Amanda by the wall before the wedding, the interior details of the dining area, including some of the table details, the photos of the flowers on the banister, and finally the photos of the two of them in the entryway hugging.

Thanks, Melanie! Stay warm out there and we can’t wait to have you back here soon!

A beautiful bride, beautiful bridesmaids

Sunday, January 23rd, 2011

We’re still sorting through the hundreds of gorgeous wedding photos of Allison and Ben to post for you… in the meantime, be sure to check out the blog that their photographer Juliet Jones posted on her blog here!

And I thought I’d have to link to another blog that gave this bride a wonderful shout out.. that belonging to the infamous Carol Hannah Whitfield of Project Runway fame.

Allison’s dress was  TO DIE FOR Vera Wang from Maddison Row. Duh, of course this girl was going to rock it out with handmade jewels and Sky high blue suede louboutins, too:

Naturally, she had to find bridesmaids dresses that at least as cool for all of her best friends standing beside her on her big day. In steps Carol Hannah with these gorgeous custom-made one-shoulder chiffon dresses. I know you are wishing right now that all of YOUR bridesmaids dresses in your closet were as chic as these (I know I am!):

Simply gorgeous. Maybe Allison will give me some style lessons sometime soon… :)